What's New – 1.2.0


Time for another dose of challenges! Monster Slayer has just been updated to 1.2.0. This update brings a lot of improvements that make the game even better!

What can you expect! Check it out below!

We’ve introduced a new progression system – called the Path – with which, as you reach higher levels of experience, you become stronger, unlock new abilities, alchemical formulae, and additional rewards, including Chests filled with in-game currency and useful items.

The way potions and oils work has changed – now they are active for a specific amount of time and don’t just last until the end of the fight.

There’s a new system for crafting stations: now, as you use them, they lose some of their durability and eventually become inaccessible, but not forever – just remember to repair them regularly.

We’ve introduced Witcher Ranks, and as you reach higher ones, you’ll find your opponent growing proportionally in strength.

You’ll find that your character now has statistics, such as attack power or vitality, and they make it possible to closely monitor just how strong the blows they deal or the signs they cast are.

You can now sell items at Thorstein’s shop.

We’ve introduced a new currency – crystals.

We’ve introduced a number of new monsters who’ll appear regularly as part of the Monster Weeks system.

This update also fixes a lot of knows problems and introduces other improvements meant to make gameplay even better:

- We’ve reduced the distances between story quest stages on the map.

- We’ve shortened the time it takes the candle to burn in the Sins of Our Fathers quest from 15 minutes to ten.

- We’ve fixed the bug that made it impossible to talk to the Blacksmith in the quest The Dark Side of the Full Moon.

- We’ve fixed the bug in the Will O’ The Wisp quest which caused the screen to go black after the tree was tapped.

- We’ve changed the number of trolls that have to be slain to complete the quest Monser Slayer.

- We’ve fixed the bug which caused the Intruder quest not to progress after the Frightener body has been examined.

- We’ve changed the amount of damage blocked by parries and perfect parries to 50% of the attack value.

- We’ve fixed the bug with the Range Scroll which caused it not to increase the interaction range.

- We’ve fixed the bug with the Summoning Scroll which caused the monsters not to appear or appear outside the interaction area.

- We’ve changed the occurrence frequency of the leecher from common to rare.

- We’ve fixed the appearance of the sword in the Stone in the Sword quest.

- We’ve increased the occurrence frequency of mushrooms, changed the number of mushrooms needed to complete the quest, and we’ve fixed the balance in the quest The Great Mushrooming. 

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